Sorry that my fears prevented me moving forward.

Sorry that my hopes initially ran so fast.


Sorry for prioritising your looks over your mind

Sorry for not appreciating your soul


Sorry for not understanding you because I did not understand myself.

Sorry for judging you when really I was projecting myself.


Sorry for blurring your image by viewing you through the lens of my past.

Sorry for ruining our time in the present by living in the future


Sorry for not knowing who I am, too busy in my thoughts.

Sorry, for until I know peace, I will be a disturbance to your heart.


                                                      Jaspreet Manoor

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my journey of sharing blogs, poems and general positivity!

I wanted to use this platform to share my views on life via a medium of poetry and blogs. Topics I will tend to focus on will involve: Spirituality, mental health, self development and anything that may come into my mind on a random day :). Hope you enjoy and feel free to share/comment/like!